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Flexblade Core Collector for Toro Workman

The patented Flexblade Core Collector is available for attachment directly to the Toro Workman and other Turf Utility Vehicles to collect the soil in a second operation. These extremely simple but efficient implements are available in 71" width. (Model FCCTW9)

Groundsman's patented Flexblade principal consists of a series of linked plates or blades that follow the contours of the surface with precision scooping up aeration cores like shovels. This implement works equally well for collecting soil and debris left on the surface by linear aeration as illustrated. The soil was soaked by rain overnight

When the implement is raised at the end of the run the soil is automatically dumped into a pile. These can then be scooped into one collective pile.

Swath widths of 140cm (55") and 175cm (69") are available ie: Models FCCTM7 utilizing seven blades and the FCCTM9 nine blades. The three-point linkage frame incorporates two wheels, these can be mounted on a rigid axle or in a caster. The caster version enables the collector to turn corners without scuffing the turf. The letter 'C' in the model is the caster type.

In addition to being available for mounting directly to a tractor, these implements are now also available with a lifting frame for attachment to the chassis tipping pins on Turf utility Vehicles utilizing the tipping ram for dumping. The model FCCTW9 featured is fitted to a Toro Workman vehicle.

The FCC collector was developed initially for attaching directly to the Groundsman Tractor Mounting Turf Aerator machines to collect the cores as they are being produced ie: 'Core and Collect in one Pass'. Few Groundsman Turf Aerators are sold without this extremely successful accessory

Technical Specifications









180cm (71")


200cm (79")

(43 1/2")



Performace Chart

Models Forward Speed Coverage
FCCTW9 up to 16km (10miles) per Hour up to 27,600m3 (25,400sq/yds)


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Key Benefits
  • Removes the soil entirely entirely from the surface keeping them in play.
  • Linked plate blades follow the surface contours for clean collection with no smearing even in soaking wet conditions.
  • Low ground pressure and no loading on the vulnerable aerated surface prevents wheel tracking or rutting
  • Drastically reduces the man power requirements clearing up to 14,000m3 (15,000sq/yds) per hour.
  • For fine turf and longer grasses.. Greens: Approaches: Fairways: Football Pitches:
  • Simple compact design: Low maintenance: Low cost.