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Flexblade Core Collector Attachment for Wiedenmann Terra Spike Aerators

The Flexblade Core Collector is a patented implement developed by Groundsman Industries to simply and efficiently remove aeration soil from the green. This implement is now available as an attachment for a range Aerators including the Wiedenmann Terra Spike SL6 turf aerator for coring and collection in one pass. The Flexblade Collector model FCCWSL6 is easy to attach and remove from your Wiedenmann Aerator.

The flexblade is designed to hug the contours of undulating greens enabling it to collect flawlessly in even the worst conditions soaking wet or powder dry. This implement will save many hours of manual work or an extra operation with heavy cumbersome equipment. It collects cleanly and when used as an AERATOR attachment, over 60% of the cores enter the collector without touching the ground. The remainder are scooped from the surface without blocking the holes by a series of platelets which conform to the contours acting like shovels depositing the cores in a neat pile on the apron when the machine is raised. The holes remain open for top dressing, trampling and surface disruption is minimised and the greens are quicker back in play.

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Key Benefits
  • Removes the cores entirely from the surface of the green with minimal hole blockage.
  • Linked plate blades hug the contours of the green for clean collection with minimum smear even in soaking wet or powder dry conditions.
  • No wheel tracking or trampling on the vulnerable aerated surface minimising surface disruption.
  • Drastically reduces the man power requirements and the greens are quicker back in play.
  • For fine turf and longer grasses.. Greens: Approaches: Fairways: Football Pitches:
  • Simple compact design: Low maintenance: Low cost.