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TCGCO Guillotine Chop-off Attachment

The TCGCO Guillotine Chop-off Attachment is available for the the TCDRB Turf Multi-cutters. This power driven attachment chops the cut turf (sod) to precision pre-set lengths for easy handling and re-turfing work. Blades are available for use with this attachment to cut sod up to 50cm (20") wide and the chop can be set to cut from 1 metre (100cm) to 5 metre lengths.

The Groundsman TCCO Guillotine chop-off attachment is available for fitting to the TCDRB Turf Multi Cutters. This compact attachment bolts onto the four bolt accessory shoe on the rear of the machine and is chain driven by an auxiliary sprocket. This attachment is simple in construction and user friendly, the cut lengths can be adjusted infinitely from one to five metres. The TCCO has many safety features including a flag-up which indicates when the blade is about to activate. This feature also serves to enable the operator to activate the chop at the beginning of the cut to minimise wastage. Four widths of blades are available and the depth is adjustable.

The TCCO Guilllotine Chop-off attachment cuts Turf (sod) into precision pre-set lenghts for easy handling and re-turfing..The metering wheel activates a rolling key clutch which gives an instant and positive engagement to the crank driven guillotine mechanism.  The crank mechanism is chain driven using sealed bearings for minimum maintenence.

The sod cut lengths are ajusted by adding or removing activation trigger pawls from the index disc in the mechanism which is easily accessible.. Fine adustment is set by adjusting the spoke length (diameter) of the ground distance wheel as shown.

Technical Specifications

Blade Widths

12" (30cm) 14" (35cm) 16" (40cm) 18" (45cm)

Cut Depth

0 - 3" (0-7 cm)



57 Lbs (26 KG)



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