Groundsman Industries

TIM13 Cable & Pipe Insertion Machine

The The Trench Insertion Machine (TIM) range have been developed by Groundsman Industries specifically to insert Dripper-line Irrigation Pipe down to 15cm deep in a one pass operation to provide water directly to the root zone of any grass surface. The model TIM13 has a 13HP engine and has super-ceeded the 9HP on the model TIM49.

The TIM range have four tractor wheels all driven. The wheels on the rear axle are spaced outside the width of the front wheels to minimise tracking the surface. Spaced at 60cm (24") apart, the rear wheels coincide with the previous trench to close it in on top of the pipe on either side when laid in rows 30cm (12”) apart.

The trench is created by a specially designed wedge Blade which displaces the soil to create a trench and the pipe is fed into the bottom of the trench from a 100 metre capacity reel amounted on the machine via an insertion tube which works in conjunction with the wedge blade. An attachment is also available to insert cable using this system for low voltage current or signal applications such as for robotic mowers or cable TV.

The machine is raised and lowered with the assistance of two gas springs and supported on a caster wheel frame for turning and manoeuvring. 

Technical Specifications

Engine 13HP Honda GX350
Blade Drive Central Connecting Rod & Counter Balanced Crank with Sealed Bearings Throughout
Ground Drive

Worm Gear Clutch Driven Front Axle.

Oil Bath Chain Driven Rear Axle.

Wheels Stud Mounted 13-650 x 6 Pneumatic Tractor Tyres with Staggered Tracking
Weight 280kg (616lbs)
Width 95cm (38")
Length 180cm (71")
Height 160cm (63") 
Blade Mounting

Three Bolt Tri-Pad


Wedge Trench Blade  
Width 20mm - 40mm
Depth Down to 15cm


Performace Chart

Blade Speed Max Depth Forward

HAV Levels

(Handle Bar Vibration)

904 cuts/minute

50 cuts per metre

(46 yards)


Trench Insertion
15 cm (6")

(depending on conditions)


18 metres/min

6.68 (m/s2)

Maximum Operating

Time 1.12 Hours

* all calculations are based on standard operating engine speed of 3600rpm

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