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Turf Cutter TMC48 and TC4GCO Chop-off

The TC4GCO is a Guillotine Chop Off attachment which can be fitted to the TMC48 Turf Sod Cutter to measure and cut the sod in lengths for easy handling and for relaying purposes. The attachment is power driven by an auxillary sprocket on the TMC48 Turf Cutter to the chop activation clutch on the attachment. Chop Blades are available in 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 60cm widths. The chop length is adjustable to cut sod from 1metre to 5 metres long. Raising and lowering in and out of cut is gas-spring assisted via a caster wheel frame which stabilises and supports the machine in the raised position.


The Groundsman TC4GCO Guillotine chop-off attachment is available for fitting to the TMC48 Turf Sod Cutter. This attachment is simple in construction, compact and user friendly with low hand-arm vibration levels (HAV). Raising and lowering in and out of cut is gas-spring assisted with a caster-wheel safety frame stabilising and supporting the machine in the raised out of work position. The Guillotine attachment bolts to the accessory mounting plate on the rear of the TMC48 machine and is chain driven from the cutter blade drive shaft on the Sod Cutter. The chop blade mechanism is simple and easily accessible, it uses sealed bearings throughout for durability with minimum maintenence. An adjustable metering wheel measures the forward travel activating a rolling key chop activation clutch giving an instant and positive engagement to the crank driven guillotine mechanism for maximum chop efficiency and accuracy. The cut lengths can be adjusted infinitely from one to five metres. The chop blade depth is adjustable to 6cm, the cutting edge is designed for maximum penetration with minimum impact. The mechanism indicates when the chop blade is about to activate, this safety feature also serves to enable the operator to commence cutting when the chop blade is ready to activate to minimise wastage.


*To view a short video of the TMC48 and TC4GCO Guillotine Attachment working please click on the YouTube icon on the left of your screen below.




Technical Specifications

Blade Widths 30, 35,40,45,50 & 60cm              (12" to 24")
Cut Depth 0  - 7cm   (0 - 3")
Blade Drive Chain driven rolling key clutch with sealed bearing crank and connecting rod
Measuring System Variable diameter ground wheel and interchangable trigger pawls

Raising and Lowering

Gas spring assisted raising and lowering with stabilising caster wheel frame


Two Caster Mounted Ball Bearing Rims with Smooth Pneumatic 9 x 3.5 - 4 Tyres.

Weight TMC48 with TC4GCO fitted 226kg (497lbs)



TMC48 with TC4GCO fitted

56cm (22") At Handles
53cm (21") At Safety Guard

Length 110cm (43") (handles folded)
160cm (63")
Height 81cm (32")


Performace Chart

Guillotine Blade Cutting Lengths Forward Speed Coverage / Hour
(Uninterrupted cutting)

Frequency 10-40/min

Velocity 10m/sec


Infinately variable from

1m to 5m

See TMC48 Spec.


See TMC48 Spec.  

* all calculations are based on standard operating engine speed of 3600rpm

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Key Benefits
  • Long service life with very low maintenance
  • Simple and easy to operate with low hand-arm vibration levels (HAV)
  • Gas-spring assisted raising and lowering in and out of work
  • Positive engagement blade clutch for optimin chop consistency
  • Low impact blade entry to 6cm cutting depth.
  • Infinately variable cut lengths from 1m to 5m
  • Blade widths from 30cm to 60cm (12" to 24")
  • First class customer support and 24 month warranty